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Leica Viva TS15

Viva TS11 I and TS15 I are truly the Fastest Imaging Total Stations!
The Viva TPS TS11 I and TS15 I Imaging Total Stations have been designed to optimally include imaging functionality for Image Assisted Surveying and Documentation. Through high quality optics, images from 2 m to infinity are transferred as sharp images to a high resolution 5 Mpixel CMOS camera. A dedicated image processing board precisely calculates the exact exposure time and white balance settings for capturing optimal camera images of the total station live view. In order to support  20 Hz live streaming, new high-speed slip rings were designed and a state-of-the-art multimedia image processing unit was integrated to instantly transfer images from the telescope to the total stations high resolution VGA display.

Key components for the imaging functionality of the TS11 I & TS15 I are:¨

  • High quality optics (no distortions, fixed focus)
  • High resolution sensor (5 Mpx CMOS image sensor)
  • High performance image processing board
  • High speed slip rings
  • High performance processor (Freescale i.MX31, 533 MHz multimedia processor
    with integrated image processing unit)
  • High resolution display (full VGA display)